About us

About Us:

We are very glad that you choose us to serve you. We are professional swimwear wholesaler in Shanghai, China. We sell Yingfa, NSA, FEW etc. brands.
We have a lot of dealers and swim club customers in China, Asian, European and America. We offer our customers the best, cheapest and all kinds of swimwear and swimsuit.
Our services are as following:
1. We wholesale Chinese famouse brand swimwears, such as Yingfa, Nsa, Few etc. swimsuit, goggles, swimfittings.
2. We offer customers custom-tailor professional swimwares, OEM order. Such as we custom-tailor swimsuit according to your samples, and custom  swim caps’ marks (include the trade mark, packings, logo, etc. making). Notice: We do not offer the service to make fake trade marks, such as to make speedo trade mark etc..
3. We offer the most convenient means of payment, cheapest and fastest delivery services.
Means of payment include: paypal, bank remittance, West Union remittance.
Means of delivery include: Shipping, airmail, EMS and UPS.